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We are specialists in tracing missing persons and will be able to provide you with a new address and in most cases a telephone number. We can even find out other information about the individual that is important to you before you contact them.

So whatever the reason and whoever the person please contact us to see if we can help. As with all of our services we understand that our discretion is of the utmost importance and all information will be given to you in the strictest confidence. We will conduct the investigation with understanding and provide you with quick and accurate results.

People lose contact with each other every day for a variety of reasons. Just some of these are listed below.

  • Past misunderstanding that got out of hand
  • The person has moved without forwarding their address
  • You have mislaid their address and phone number
  • An old school friend that you have not seen for years
  • You want to trace someone relating to your family history
  • Friend or family member who has disappeared for no reason
  • Someone that owes you a debt and has now moved on
  • An ex-partner who has stopped paying the necessary maintenance